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Dr. Riana Taktikos


Monday - Friday

8a - 4p

8872 East Market St. 
Warren, OH 44484 


Serving Trumbull and  Mahoning , and other surrounding areas

At Restore Pelvic Health & Wellness, we specialize in pelvic floor physical therapy for both men and women with various pelvic floor conditions and dysfunctions. Located in Warren Howland, Ohio, let Dr. Riana Taktikos utilize her expertise to treat any of the following concerns pelvic pain, bladder incontinence, bowel dysfunction, constipation,  prolapse,  pregnancy and postpartum.

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We Specialize In:

One-on-one pelvic floor physical therapy sessions with Dr. Riana Taktikos utilizing various hands on approaches and exercises to restore your pelvic floor.


Do you want to prepare for optimal labor and delivery? Do you have pain or experience other pelvic floor symptoms during pregnancy or postpartum? Do you have abdominal separation or core weakness following delivery?

 Pelvic Pain 

Do you experience pain in the pelvic area, genitals, or tailbone? Have you been diagnosed with a pelvic pain condition such as endometriosis, vaginismus, vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, or pudendal neuralgia?

 Sexual Health 

Do you have pain with intimacy or difficulty with arousal?

 Bladder Dysfunction 

Do you suffer from urinary leakage, urinary urgency, pushing or straining with urination, pain with urination, or recurrent/frequent UTIs?

 Pelvic Organ Prolapse 

Have you been diagnosed with a pelvic organ prolapse and need ways to learn how to manage your symptoms?

 Bowel Dysfunction 

Are you experiencing stool leakage, constipation, or hemorrhoids?


Are you experiencing hip, low back, or SIJ pain?

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Howland Ohio

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Whole Life Family Chiropractic, LLC

8872 East Market St. 

Warren, OH 44484


 Why Is Pelvic Health Important? 

"Pelvic health is vital to everyday functioning. Everyone has a pelvic floor and utilizes it frequently for urination, bowel movements, organ support/stability and sexual function. If the pelvic floor is dysfunctional, it can lead to problems such as urinary leakage, constipation, pain with sex, pelvic organ prolapse, etc which can really impact a person’s life." 

- Dr. Riana Takitkos

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What is the Restore Pelvic Health
& Wellness Difference?

Dr. Riana Taktikos offers one-on-one evaluations that are comprehensive to include an entire musculoskeletal examination, external and internal. Often times, pelvic health is so much more than just a “kegel” or just the vaginal/rectal muscles. Dr. Taktikos takes the time to find the root cause of the problem, and utilizes a whole body treatment approach that often involves many different manual techniques and exercises. 

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What Patients Are Saying

I had been seeing another physical therapist for several years when I met Dr. Riana. Right away she was able to determine my problems were coming from my SI joints. Within weeks I was pain free and able to start running again: a passion in life I had given up on due to constant injury. I was able to train for a half marathon in Yellowstone National Park and my first trail marathon. I have since referred many others to her, all with positive feedback. She brought pelvic floor therapy to the area. While other PTs are trying to catch up and add this service, Dr.  Riana still remains the best in the area. Despite her specialization, she evaluates and treats your body as a whole. I cannot say enough good things!
Kristin B.
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